Virginia Clean Citites

Virginia Clean Cities Clean Fuel Vehicle Expo

At the 6thannual Virginia Clean CitiesClean Fuel Vehicle Expo,

Alternative Energy Research of Chesapeake, VA. debuted its B100 biodiesel fuel and test vehicle. The diesel test vehicle is a stock, unaltered 2014 Dodge Ram Diesel that had just completed an extensive test program using the WLTP or “Real World Driving” emissions testing protocol that is being instituted under the latest California Air Research Board and European testing standards. You can see the test results:


The AER B100 fuel passed allCARB Tier III and Euro 6 standards by substantial margins and will take emissions compliance well into the next decade of proposed regulations.

Other vehicles represented at the expo were electric, natural gas, compressed natural gas, and hybrid gas/electric: all good choices for helping reduce emissions and the use of fossil fuel. What sets the AER B100 fueled vehicle apart from the others is it was the onlyone that requires no additional expense for vehicle modifications or fueling infrastructure; simply fill any existing diesel vehicle with AER B100 and reduce your emissions to nearly zero.

Certified by the EPA as an Advanced Fuel for Diesel engines, AER B100 is BQ9000 compliant, non-hazardous, biodegradable and totally compatible with petroleum diesel. It IS possible to become emissions compliant well into the future without spending millions on upcharges for new vehicles and fueling infrastructure.

If you have questions, we can answer them. Contact us at:pr@alternativeenergyresearch.net


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