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AER Mk-2 description



The Mk-2 reactor is not a piece of prototype equipment that works in the lab and “may” be ready for scale up in a few years; it’s the culmination of many previous prototypes and over 8 years of rigorous testing. It has been producing high quality ASTM and EU spec. fuel in a production plant for over six years. A firm set of criteria was scrupulously followed to ensure the best reactor to produce the best fuel at the best price. Some of the design features are as follows:




·      Small physical footprint that requires only 48 sq. ft. of floor space and replaces rooms of the usual complicated and expensive biodiesel processing equipment


·      Can remain on moveable frame or be fixed in place  


·      Fully automated via a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)


·      Can operate as a batch unit, a continuous flow unit, or both


·      Produces its own process heat; no need for expensive external pre-heat and continuous heat systems


·      Reduces, in some cases by as much a 40%, the normal amount of reactants needed to produce biodiesel. After feedstock, reactants are the second most expensive component in producing biodiesel


·      True “plug and play”; simply connect power, feedstock and reactant lines, press the preset for the type of feedstock used, and you’re ready to produce world-class fuel


·      Reduces residence time in the reactor to seconds instead of hours


·      Eliminates the need for dangerous high temperature and high pressure vessels


·      Multi-feedstock capable, has the capacity to use cheaper, higher FFA feedstock


·      Completely scalable up or down to accommodate any size plant

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