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AER has developed many types of process and reaction equipment for the production of advanced alternative fuels for the diesel powered transportation industry. Our MK-1 and MK-2 reactors have been producing fuel in an operating plant for the past 6 years. Our MK-3 has recently completed its final phase of testing and is being set up in a micro-demo scenario in our shop to show the process to prospective partners.


In the final development phase of the MK-3 we brought in Dr. Kevin Kittredge of Virginia Wesleyan University, a Batten Fellow and Chair of the VWU Chemistry Department, to witness the process and provide a chain of custody for samples to be sent for independent analysis. To prove the efficacy of the MK-3, we intentionally placed impediments upon it by using high FFA content feedstock (8.8 FFA). We also ran the reactor a half speed while still maintaining the designed flow of 4 GPM. The samples taken were sent to Iowa Central Labs for a full battery of tests. The results showed the samples passed all ASTM BQ9000 and EU standards by large margins.


We believe our equipment and the fuel it produces considering CAPEX, OPEX, and ROI to quite possibly be the best in the world.


We have been operating our company vehicles on 100% biodiesel for 10 years, and have completed a very successful over the road test with 6 tractor-trailer units from Sysco Foods. The test was completed over a 6-month period with blend levels beginning at B40. They quickly moved to B60, and the last two months the testing was done at a level of 80% biodiesel. There were no issues whatsoever during the test, and the drivers who were not told of the test fuel until after the test noticed no difference in power or economy. They did notice, however, that the trucks ran smoother and also a bit quieter.


Our plan is to continue our education program of using much higher levels of biodiesel than government mandates to drastically reduce petroleum diesel emissions. The fleet transportation industry is where we see the bulk of our concentration taking place, as that is the area in which we can have the greatest impact on overall emission reductions.

The first AER MK-2 reactor prior to testing
The brains of the machine. (Not Dave.)
     The Programmable Logic Controler.

The above video was created to showcase our technology and systems.

Voiced by Brianna Murray, edited by Lake Morgan.


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